Heather Turner;  GIS Consultant
Heather Turner is a GIS Leader and a member of the Solutions Service Team. She provides GIS knowledge and awareness to all projects, colleagues and clients. Her sixteen years of experience in the field of GIS programming, development and management make her a perfect fit for the role. Heather graduated with honors in 1998 from the University of Kentucky, with an MS degree in Forestry with a GIS emphasis. Heather’s GIS work experience has focused on a variety of disciplines such as utilities (water, sewer, storm water, electric, and communications), asset and community management, and GIS software development. She has worked with MapSync for the past twelve years.

Since 1998 Heather has assisted communities and companies with their GIS-related needs. She has extensive experience in sustainable solutions and workflows that promote GIS and its use as a viable tool in every community. She is committed to providing those communities with the support needed to initiate and maintain their GIS efforts. Heather is from Nicholasville, Kentucky where she lives with her husband, Sean and her two daughters, Katie and Abby.